Beberotti was founded in Bursa by Yasin YARAN, a member of the 3 rd generation of the YARAN family, which has 50 years of experience in trade and production based on investments in textile, construction, machinery, food and other sectors. We offer you all the valuable garments made from soft, breathable, healthy and hygienic, 100% natural cotton yarn that touches our babies with love, living fabrics and müslin fabrics that differ in their design prints and differences in opinion, making mothers’ lives easier.

Présip is primarily interested in the production of quality and healthy products, our company produces the printing and dyeing of natural cotton müslin fabrics with appropriate production according to OEKO-TEX specifications and exported to various countries in Europe and the world. Our company has proved the quality of its products with exports. We use our products to produce quality and quality products that meet our experience and qualities, we made favorable choices in the selection of products produced in many countries. Our goal is to make the quality and exclusivity of Beberotti müslin products live and felt for all the babies in the world.

Images from events and fairs attended by our company.