About Our Company

Beberotti company was established in Bursa Turkey in 2014 by Yasin YARAN, one of the 3rd generation members of the YARAN family, whose investments in textile, construction, machinery, food, and different sectors make a significant contribution to the country’s economy, and whose trade and production experience is based on 50 years. The founding vision of our company is to produce muslin fabrics, which are soft, breathable, healthy, and hygienic, woven from 100% natural cotton yarn that will touch our babies with love and show their difference at first sight with their designs, and produce different apparel products that make the lives of mothers easier.

Our company, which attaches importance to the production of quality and healthy products in principle, exports the printing and dyeing processes of the natural cotton muslin fabrics it produces to different countries in Europe and the world by producing under OEKO-TEX and OCS (Organic Content Standard) standards. Our company has proven the quality of its products with its exports. Our company, which uses its experience and skills to produce quality and qualified products that will meet the needs of its customers, has become the choice of mothers in many countries with the products it produces. Our goal is to make all babies around the world experience and feel the quality and privilege of Beberotti Muslin products.

About Our Products

Muslin fabric is the oldest and most perfect weaving made of 100% natural cotton, which is produced with the oldest weaving techniques in the world, tested by time and civilizations, and makes life easier for mothers in baby products with its pure, soft, durable, breathable, gentle and useful features. It was first used by the Egyptians to swaddle babies.

Muslin products can be used mainly as blankets, swaddles, canopies, nursing covers, stroller covers, shoulder cloths, changing cloth, windbreakers, dinner aprons, poncho clothes after the sea pool, and baby clothes.

Beberotti muslin products are exported to Russia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Azerbaijan, United States, Australia, Netherlands, and Portugal.

In Turkey, retail sale of Beberotti muslin products is carried out by Özdilek Shopping Malls, B&G Stores, street stores that sell retail baby products in many places of the country, and internet stores.





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