Muslin Cloth

The muslin cloth, produced the world’s oldest weaving techniques, tested the time and civilizations of pure, soft, durable, breathes, be gentle and convenient features of baby products mom lives of 100% natural cotton produced from It is the oldest and greatest weaving. The first time was used for the baby by the Egyptians dishes.

The Muslin Fabric; Blanket swaddling, breastfeeding cover, shade, stroller blanket, shoulder cloth, changing mat, spoiler, and can be used as a towel.

Muslin Fabric
120x120 Muslin Cloth
75x90 Muslin Cloth (Single Series)
2 Pieces 75x90 Muslin Cloth
Muslin Booster-Scarf
Muslin Sleep Friend
Muslin Poncho
Muslin Mouth Sweat Cloth
75x90 Muslin Cloth-Towel